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What’s Happening with Communities of Excellence 2026?

By Christine Schaefer You may recall reading here before about Communities of Excellence 2026 (COE 2026). Two years ago, we shared the big aims of this small nonprofit organization. The COE2026 story began when two former executives of Baldrige Award-winning … Continue reading

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The Impact of the Baldrige Award … 15+ Years Later

By Christine Schaefer Earlier this month, 2001 Baldrige Award-winning University of Wisconsin–Stout hosted a lively campus engagement session. (See for yourself via this video of the livestreamed event, which kicked off with dancing.) The university holds the so-called “You Said… … Continue reading

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The Exceptional Student Focus of a 2015 Baldrige Award-Winning School

By Christine Schaefer The Charter School of San Diego (CSSD)—part of the public school district of San Diego County—provides a personalized education program for each of the approximately 4,000 students it serves annually. The school’s exceptional focus on individual students … Continue reading

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Leadership Practices and Paths of the 2015 Baldrige Award Recipients (Part 2)

By Christine Schaefer During the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program’s 28th Annual Quest for Excellence® Conference, national role models in every sector have showcased their best practices. They’ve also shared candid stories of their organization’s “journeys” of improvement using the Baldrige … Continue reading

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Update on Communities of Excellence 2026

By Christine Schaefer What’s the latest on the initiative launched last year to create “an archipelago” of high-performing communities in the United States using a framework based on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence? I recently asked Stephanie Norling, managing … Continue reading

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