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How the Baldrige Foundation’s Chair Has Used the Framework to Support Business Success

By Christine Schaefer George Benson is a longtime business professor and former dean of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia and the Rutgers Business School at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Most recently, he was president … Continue reading

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What Your Board of Directors Needs to Get Better

Posted by Christine Schaefer   What does a high-performing board of directors do? A McKinsey Quarterly article published in April described a progression in the scope of activities of governance boards reflecting higher levels of engagement. Authors Chinta Bhagat and … Continue reading

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Good Governance: 10 Baldrige Questions for Your Board of Directors

Posted by Christine Schaefer Washington Post business columnist Steven Pearlstein and others have written about the problem of an excessive and short-sighted focus by many business leaders today on stock values for shareholders. But what about the role of corporate governance boards? Aren’t members of a board of directors obliged … Continue reading

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