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Bob Fangmeyer

I am Bob, Director of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. I have been with Baldrige since 1997 serving on many of the teams in the office in many different roles. Before becoming the Deputy Director in late 2011, I served on the Management Team. Prior to that, I served as Team Leader on the former Award Process Team, Team Leader of the Administrative Support and Electronic Information Team, and Team Leader on the former Examiner and Staff Development Team.

Over the past several years I have been heavily involved with the ongoing transition of the Baldrige Program, leading the effort to design, develop, and implement a new business model. As Deputy Director, I managed overall Program operations, focusing on implementing and tracking performance against the business plan, ensuring efficient and effective operations, as well as planning for strategic capability and capacity needs. In addition, I spend significant time and energy helping to lead and guide the development and implementation of the Baldrige Enterprise.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Baldrige Program where I get to work with and learn from people and organizations committed to achieving excellence.

My background includes owning and managing small service-based businesses, six years as a human resources specialist, a Bachelors degree in Psychology, and an MBA from the University of Maryland. When not working, I enjoy exercising and spending time with my wonderful wife, three kids, and Buddy, my boxer dog.

 Jamie Ambrosi

I’m Jamie from the Baldrige Marketing and Partnering Team.  I joined the Program in 1999 after working in public affairs for the U.S. Department of Agriculture for 7 years.  I have been lucky enough to be on the management and workforce development teams as well as on outreach.


 Dawn Bailey

I’m Dawn from the Baldrige Program’s Education Team.  I’ve been with Baldrige since 2002 as a writer/editor and have had the pleasure to work on various projects, from case studies to Criteria for Performance Excellence production to CEO issue sheets, as well as on other Baldrige activities such as strategic planning and the Quest for Excellence Conference.  I also have served as Team Leader and am delighted to work in an office with so many opportunities to cross-train and grow.

My background includes bachelor’s degrees in English and journalism from the University of Connecticut, a master’s degree in creative writing and editing from George Mason University, and a business certificate from the University of Maryland.  Throughout my career, I’ve worked as a newspaper reporter, nonprofit editor, and foster mother for homeless dogs at the county SPCA.


 Jacqueline Calhoun

I’m Jackie Calhoun from the Baldrige Marketing and Partnering Team. I joined the Program in 1993 and during my career here,  I have been fortunate enough to be on the Publications Management Team and Examiner Training and Workforce Development Team.  I also I have served as Team leader on each of the teams.  Prior to Baldrige, I worked as a physical scientist in the NIST Physics Laboratory, Center for Radiation Research.


 Mary Eastman

I have been a part of the Baldrige Program since 2000 as a website editor, usability specialist, Award Process monitor, and online scorebook application technical assistant. Recently I became interested in learning about website statistics and process mapping.  Prior to Baldrige, I worked at the EPA Office of Water and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. My outside interests are auto racing (as a spectator), jewelry making, and American history.


Bbarb-head-shotarb Fischer – Blog Moderator

I’m Barb with the Marketing and Partnering Team. I joined the Program in 2002 after 20 years with the Department of Navy and other Defense agencies specializing in program and contracting management. My last position within the Department of Defense had a focus on both change management and partnerships- I think it led me right to Baldrige.

I love the opportunity to work with so many individuals throughout the Baldrige community who are committed to performance excellence. Whether these be applicants, Award recipients, Alliance members, Examiners, or others, they are all energizing.

Away from the office, I spend my time with family and friends, our dog, and balancing many interests and activities.


Christine Schaeferchristine-schaefer-2016

I’m Christine from the Education Team. I joined the program in 2005, after nearly 15 years as a writer and editor for nonprofit publishers.

I love my job with the Baldrige Program because I feel highly engaged in a cross-sector enterprise that is helping business, health care, and education organizations improve their performance and innovate products and services in ways that can improve the lives of people throughout our great nation and around the world too. I enjoy the ever-changing opportunities to write and edit publications as well as help in other capacities, such as public outreach, the Baldrige Award process, and volunteer training. I’ve served as a team leader and on short-term and cross-team work groups on the Baldrige staff.

My academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in the interdisciplinary Political & Social Thought Program at the University of Virginia, where I was also in the Echol’s Scholar program, and a master’s degree from Georgetown University, where I focused my studies and thesis on social and public policy issues.


 Dr. Harry Hertz

I am Harry, the Baldrige Cheermudgeon, and Director Emeritus of the Baldrige Program. I joined the Program in 1992 after a decade in management in the analytical chemistry and chemical sciences laboratories at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the home of the Baldrige Program. I started my career at NIST as a bench analytical chemist.

My favorite aspects of the Baldrige Program are: (1) the opportunity to interact with leading thinkers from all sectors of the U.S. economy who serve as volunteers in the Baldrige Program and who represent Award applicants at the forefront of the never-ending journey to performance excellence, and (2) the intellectual challenge of synthesizing ideas from leading thinkers into a set of continuously revised Criteria for Performance Excellence, that always mirror the “leading edge of validated management practice.”

Outside of work I spend my time with family (including three adorable granddaughters), playing racquetball, mowing my lawn, traveling, and volunteering in science education.


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