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What’s Happening with Communities of Excellence 2026?

By Christine Schaefer You may recall reading here before about Communities of Excellence 2026 (COE 2026). Two years ago, we shared the big aims of this small nonprofit organization. The COE2026 story began when two former executives of Baldrige Award-winning … Continue reading

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The Impact of the Baldrige Award … 15+ Years Later

By Christine Schaefer Earlier this month, 2001 Baldrige Award-winning University of Wisconsin–Stout hosted a lively campus engagement session. (See for yourself via this video of the livestreamed event, which kicked off with dancing.) The university holds the so-called “You Said… … Continue reading

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Building Employee Trust: Tips Validated by the Baldrige Excellence Framework

By Christine Schaefer In an online Harvard Business Review article this month, Sue Bingham, an expert on creating high-performing workplaces, addresses a growing concern among business leaders today that employees don’t trust their organizations. She then describes four practices to … Continue reading

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Ten Blogs about Workforce Engagement (and the Baldrige Excellence Framework)

By Christine Schaefer Valuing people is one of the 11 core concepts and values of the Baldrige Excellence Framework (including the Criteria for Performance Excellence). What’s more, “Workforce Engagement” is the title and focus of a section (item 5.2) of the Baldrige Criteria … Continue reading

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Spotlight on a Baldrige Examiner: Chris Mitchell

By Christine Schaefer While the annual online application for the 2017 Board of Examiners is open (until January 9, 6 p.m., ET), we are featuring another interview this week of a Baldrige examiner who has served in recent years. Competitively selected, … Continue reading

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