Ten Blogs about Customer Engagement (and the Baldrige Excellence Framework)

By Christine Schaefer

Customer-focused excellence is one of the 11 core concepts and values of the Baldrige Excellence Framework (which includes the Criteria for Performance Excellence). What’s more, “Customer Engagement” is the title and focus of a section (item 3.2) of the Baldrige Criteria on engaging customers by serving their needs and building relationships with them.

Given the key importance of this concept for achieving organizational excellence and success, today I’ve aggregated ten of the most-read blogs Baldrige staff members have written in recent years about customer engagement. Following is the list, with hyperlinks to each blog.

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1. Ritz-Carlton Practices for Building a World-Class Service Culture:

2. Six Ways PwC’s Public Sector Practice Focuses on Customers: http://nistbaldrige.blogs.govdelivery.com/2015/05/19/six-ways-pwcs-public-sector-practice-focuses-on-customers/

3. How Baldrige Encouraged a People to Be Innovative, Community-Focused:

4. Culture Leads to Strategic Expansion and Enhanced Customer Relationships:

5. Meet the Twins (Communication and Information) and Their First Cousin (Engagement):

6. Effective Use of Social Media: http://nistbaldrige.blogs.govdelivery.com/2016/05/03/effective-use-of-social-media/

7. Engaging Patients in a Changing Health Care System:

8. Government Agencies and Great Customer Service: A Match Made by Baldrige:

9. The Exceptional Student Focus of a 2015 Baldrige Award-Winning School:

10. Criteria Requirement 3.1b.(1) How do you determine customer satisfaction and engagement?


As always, your thoughts are welcome here! Please consider sharing your insights and best practices—in this case, on engaging customers—by commenting below.

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