“Advice for the Path to Business Performance Excellence”

Posted by Dawn Marie Bailey

Amid the peaks of the Rocky Mountains and among the dramatic canyons and whitewater rapids of the Colorado River, there is a state that takes its business performance excellence seriously.

The-Baldrige-Journey-eBook_Page_01In an exclusive ebook, underwritten by Baldrige Award recipient Elevations Credit Union, four Colorado-based Baldrige Award and state award recipients share stories, tips, and advice on topics that align with the categories of the Baldrige Excellence Framework. Within each topic area, “tips to remember” and “questions to consider” offer the reader thoughtful guidance, for example, on goal setting, change fatigue, brand strategy, comparative data, buy-in, effective meetings and forums, and the “simple-smart” way of working.

The ebook reads, “Working toward the Baldrige Award drives organizations to clarify their purpose, set strategic plans, and ensure effective and efficient processes are in place. As a result, all Baldrige recipients can point to successes like greater workforce engagement, higher customer satisfaction, and business growth. Learnings from the Baldrige journey are applicable to any organization. . . . The Baldrige process isn’t about receiving an award. Instead, it’s about developing practices for continuous performance improvement that will keep your organization on a path of excellence for generations to come.”

Download the free ebook The Baldrige Journey: A Practical Guide from Colorado’s Experts.

Note: Gerry Agnes, president and CEO of Elevations Credit Union, will be speaking at the Baldrige regional conference in Dallas on September 22—along with many other representatives of Baldrige Award recipients in Dallas and Chicago (on September 8). You can access the full schedules and register from links on our website

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