Four Ways to Learn How to Use the Baldrige Framework

By Christine Schaefer

Following are four ways you can get started learning how to use the Baldrige Excellence Framework to make your organization more successful:

  1. Subscribe to the Baldrige Program’s twice-weekly blogs (Blogrige). Yes, you are already here on the Blogrige site! But are you getting these posts delivered right to your inbox every Tuesday and Thursday? Rather than just accessing this blog from the home page of the Baldrige website, you can sign up to receive these blogs by email from the link in the lower-right hand corner of the Baldrige home page (direct link is here). That way, you will not miss any of the Baldrige-related news, tips, and accounts of organizations in different sectors that are using the framework.
  2. Download the free PDF or order printed copies of the Baldrige Excellence Builder—and begin thinking about your organization’s responses to the questions. As an early step toward a Baldrige self-assessment, you will also find it beneficial to download and complete an Organizational Profile (another free PDF file) for your organization. The Organizational Profile is the prefatory section of the Baldrige Criteria, and provides the foundation for a Baldrige assessment.Baldrige_Excellence_Builder_Cover_3
  3. Attend the Baldrige Program’s annual best-practice-sharing conference, the Quest for Excellence® conference, to be held on the Baltimore (MD) waterfront on April 3—6 this spring. There you will hear high-performing Baldrige Award recipients tell their stories, and presenters will answer your specific questions. Learn more about it and register soon at this link.
  4. Attend Baldrige examiner® training. You don’t have to be a Baldrige examiner to sign up for the Baldrige Examiner Training Experience (BETE). Non-examiner participants in this training can learn how to evaluate an organization using the Baldrige framework and assessment process in a classroom alongside current Baldrige examiners. The annual three-day training sessions are traditionally held in May in Gaithersburg (MD).

These are certainly not the only ways to get started using the Baldrige framework. You can also read Baldrige case studies in your sector and application summaries of Baldrige Award recipients to learn how to respond to the Criteria for Performance Excellence. And get involved with your local Baldrige-based program to begin improving your organization with Baldrige Criteria-based assessments, training, and tools.

Baldrige Award recipients, Baldrige examiners, and other seasoned Baldrige framework users: What other ways do you recommend organizations get started?


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2 Responses to Four Ways to Learn How to Use the Baldrige Framework

  1. Barry Johnson says:

    Very useful information as ususal.

    Having taken advantage of all 4, the one that I find that widens my knowledge of Baldrige is this blog. I find a high percentage so insightful that I forward them to all my clients, members of the Quality Texas Foundation BOD (including 5 recent Baldrige Recipients, and to the QTF Fellows, who are either former Examiners or Recipients who have been honored for their lengthy service to QTF (James Tew, Genie Dillon, etc.)

    I receive a lot of thank yous for this simple and quick act of sharing information. As Forrest Buhler would say, “If you have the chance to get one, I highly recommend it.”

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