A Physician Hothouse for Innovation

Posted by Dawn Marie Bailey

2012 Baldrige Award recipient North Mississippi Health Services (NMHS) is now inviting its physicians to apply for NMHS’s 2014 Physician Leadership Institute to provide an opportunity for the physicians to gain a greater understanding of the health care system, its mission, and its actual operation. Along the way, the physicians will also acquire additional skill sets in the areas of leadership, finance, strategic planning, operations, and the medico-legal aspects of health care.

pliapplication2014_000Such training, which will be held over two evenings per month for six months, is no small investment in resources for the system or in time for the physicians. So what’s the value for the system and physicians? Might such an investment be valuable for other health systems, too?

I asked Dr. Brian Condit, director of NMHS’s Physician Leadership Institute, who will be speaking on such training at the upcoming Quest for Excellence Conference, and Beth Frick, director of NMHS’s Education Department, what they have learned from leadership training for physicians.

What does your physician leadership training accomplish?

  • Develops engaged, informed, and connected physicians for leadership roles
  • Creates a hothouse for innovative ideas for care improvement
  • Builds a group of positive change agents for clinical integration

What are three tips to inspire physicians to invest time in leadership training?

  1. Have a physician champion who is a trusted peer recruit physicians within the organization.
  2. Emphasize the mission of improving patient care and the increased personal effectiveness of the leadership-trained individual to make a positive difference.
  3. Have physicians see that previously trained physicians behave differently and have demonstrated success and recognition as a result of their training.

What else will folks learn at your session?

How to develop an excellent curriculum at minimal cost by leveraging internal assets rather than expensive external resources

For more information, attend NMHS’s special presentation, “Physician Leadership Training,” at the Baldrige Program’s Quest for Excellence® Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

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