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Good Governance: 10 Baldrige Questions for Your Board of Directors

Posted by Christine Schaefer Washington Post business columnist Steven Pearlstein and others have written about the problem of an excessive and short-sighted focus by many business leaders today on stock values for shareholders. But what about the role of corporate governance boards? Aren’t members of a board of directors obliged … Continue reading

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A Place to Learn, Share, Celebrate Quality

Posted by Dawn Marie Bailey  If you are reading this, then you must care about continuous improvement, performance excellence, and of course quality. If this is true, than please join us in celebrating that passion for quality–and learn from some … Continue reading

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I Admit It, I Am an Introvert

I am an introvert; INTJ for those who admire Myers-Briggs indicators. I remember being particularly pleased a few years ago when I read an HBR article that extolled the virtues of introverts as effective leaders. The article stated conventional wisdom and … Continue reading

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Baldrige Recognition at the Category Level

Posted by Christine Schaefer Recognizing excellence is a critical component of the mission of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. That is what the Baldrige Award is all about! Today I’m writing to remind organizations advancing on their journey toward excellence of an additional … Continue reading

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Are you Ready to (Im)Prove?

Posted by Dawn Marie Bailey What’s in an organizational award? It might be motivation for your employees. It might be proof to your customers that you care about excellence. It might be a signal to your suppliers that you expect … Continue reading

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