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Baldrige Self-Assessment: Seven Steps for a Full Examination

Posted by Christine Schaefer Let’s say your organization has already begun using a Baldrige-based approach to self-assessment. For example, your senior leaders have completed the Organizational Profile, reviewed the guidelines that make up the Scoring System of the Criteria for … Continue reading

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The Quote Approach to Gratitude

by Jacqueline Calhoun In good writing, quotes help convey a message to the reader and emphasize the important points. Used effectively, quotes can even enlighten the author’s perspective on a topic. Some of the best thoughts and statements of our … Continue reading

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A Crowning Achievement for Your Own Organization

 Posted by Dawn Marie Bailey A capstone is defined as a “crowning achievement, point, element, or event.” But what does a capstone have to do with the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program? Capstone projects are completed by Baldrige Executive Fellows to improve their own organizations using … Continue reading

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A Baldrige Winner Now Racing to Increase Product Sales

In 2003, Stoner, Inc. from Quarryville, PA won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the small business category.  A leader in manufacturing of bulk release agents for plastics, lubricants, and electronics cleaning, more and more household consumers are becoming … Continue reading

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Back-to-Baldrige Time!

As summer winds down and many of us are helping our kids buckle down for another year of learning, why not consider jump starting or renewing your knowledge of Baldrige by attending one of our Baldrige Regional conferences in September?  … Continue reading

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