We Thank You! An Appreciation Ceremony for Examiners

Posted by Christine Schaefer

The Baldrige Program can never take for granted the key work that hundreds of trained volunteers carry out each year to support the annual Baldrige Award process. That’s why the program hosts an appreciation ceremony for all members of the Board of Examiners every year, held in conjunction with the annual ceremony for Baldrige Award recipients.

At the recent ceremony in Baltimore, Baldrige Program Director Harry Hertz  honored the contributions of examiners in the following remarks:

“Thank you for your service or continued service.”

“This year we embarked on a great experiment, asked for your time, and did not even reimburse for training travel. You stuck with us. It is a testament to your dedication and to the value [that] we all see in what we are doing in the Baldrige Program.”

“You have all become not only colleagues, but also friends, some of you for well over a decade and a few for two decades. In our years together, I have come to appreciate that friendship isn’t necessarily about the people you know since childhood, or even the longest; it is about those who came into your life and stayed by your side.”

“Thank you for staying by our and my side during a very challenging period for the Baldrige Program and for me, as we transitioned to our new business model.”

Examiners seated at 2013 appreciation ceremony.


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  1. Nancy Timmons says:

    It was a real pleasure to serve. The personal learning and fellowship have changed my life. Thanks.

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