99 and Counting . . .

Posted by Dawn Marie Bailey

Attention applicants for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the nation’s highest award for performance excellence; it’s time to polish up your application. If you apply for the 2013 application cycle, you have a very good chance of being . . . the 100th award recipient!

U.S. Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Secretaries of Commerce have now recognized 99 Baldrige Awards; recipients are national role models in the business, health care, education, and nonprofit worlds.

President Ronald Reagan, who oversaw the beginning of the award competition 25 years ago, said, “The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award . . . offers a vehicle for companies, large and small . . . to examine their own approaches to quality. It offers companies a standard with which to compare their own progress to that of the country’s very best.”

Other Presidents from Bush to Obama have also offered their sentiments and pride in Baldrige Award recipients.

It may just be your organization’s turn to stand on the podium at the national ceremony and be benchmarked and honored at the Quest for Excellence®. In fact, if you attend this year’s 25th Annual Quest for Excellence Conference and Gala, look around. Soon-to-be representatives of the class of 100 might be sitting right next to you!

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  1. kim griffiths says:

    Great message Dawn. This expresses the collective spirit of those who know how powerful the Baldrige Framework really is as it recognizes those who truly earn presidential-level honors.

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