Fill in the Blank: Baldrige Is (Still) the Answer

Posted by Christine Schaefer

As the Baldrige Program has begun celebrating its 25th anniversary, I recently had an opportunity to review documents from the early years. One of the Baldrige Foundation’s first brochures about the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award features a plethora of testimonials from prominent business and political leaders. I thought it might be fun to share a few of these by making them fodder for round 2 of a game you may have played here last summer. As you may recall, the object is to fill in the blank between the brackets below—and, if you are so inclined, to consider the enduring value of the Baldrige Award to the U.S. economy.

1. “A commitment to excellence in manufacturing and services is essential for the well-being of the U.S. economy and our society. The Malcolm [    ] National Quality Award will help stimulate this process for the pride of recognition and for the resulting competitive edge of greater profitability.”—John H. Hudiburg, Chairman, Florida Power & Light Company

2. “The Malcolm [    ] National Quality Award accelerates the pursuit of ever-increasing quality—the path to assure U.S. leadership in the global economy through the skillful dedication to quality of all U.S. citizens. Although the economic benefits are enormous, more important is the quality of American life based on each individual’s commitment to excellence.” —Sanford N. McDonnell, Chairman, McDonnell-Douglas Corporation

3. “The Malcolm [    ] National Quality Award will send a clear signal to the American people and to our trading partners that the American commitments to excellence and achievement are stronger than ever.” —Senator Bob Graham

4. “We have to encourage American executives to get out of their boardrooms and onto the factory floor to learn how their products are made and how they can be made better.” —Malcolm [    ], Secretary of Commerce 1981–1987



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