Where Can I Find Examples of Baldrige ROI?

Posted by Dawn Marie Bailey

I’d like to keep this blog short and sweet. Few people have time to search the Internet or even the Baldrige Web site looking for specific data or stories or examples.

So, we’ve gathered all of these things in one place. They’re called profiles, and every Baldrige Award recipient has one. If you want to quickly read the return on investment from using Baldrige, read the innovations sparked by the Criteria for Performance Excellence, or read the results achieved because an organization embedded Criteria concepts into its culture, check out these profiles. Most also have downloadable high-resolution images and highlights, and all the data have been approved by the recipients.

For some Baldrige Award recipients, the profiles are also coupled with success stories that explore what has happened to the recipient since it won the Baldrige Award. Does the recipient still use the Baldrige Criteria?

Let me save you some time, and point out that examples of the Baldrige return on investment can be found right here. Just click on the profiles.

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4 Responses to Where Can I Find Examples of Baldrige ROI?

  1. Jason Jobes says:

    Dawn- this is great; however, I believe evidence shows very few organizations are recipients. How do you quantify the ROI for non-recipients?

  2. sereseini vuli says:

    information had been informative and simple. I work for the higher education agency and would be evaluated in 2013 under the government initiative and its framework is integrated with the Baldrige criteria. I am researching on ways we can carry out our preparation for this exercise as our agency is targetting to achieve the best we can. It will be the first time for our agency.

    • Dawn Bailey says:

      Sereseini, if you are looking for exercises as an agency to prepare for your evaluation, you might be interested in the resources here: http://www.nist.gov/baldrige/enter/self.cfm. They include Are We Making Progress? and easyInsight, as well as links to member programs of the Alliance for Performance Excellence that offer state and sector support for organizations beginning with the Baldrige Criteria. Best of luck!

  3. Dawn Bailey says:

    Jason, you ask a very good question. The Baldrige Program holds the confidentiality of nonrecipients very seriously, so we don’t share their ROI unless they choose to share. However, many organizations are recipients at state and other sector levels through the Baldrige-based awards of the Alliance for Performance Excellence (http://www.baldrigepe.org/alliance/programs.aspx). The members of the Alliance share ROI of their recipients on their Web sites, and many of these same recipients find their way to the national program. When you add up recipients across all of the levels of Baldrige-based programs, there’s a lot of evidence of ROI using the Baldrige Criteria.

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