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Just Sign Up!

Posted by Barbara Fischer As many of us are seeing our kids off either to the school bus or back to college, we might ponder our own plans as “life-long learners.” Fortunately, a wide range of opportunities abound in our … Continue reading

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I Promised a Positive Customer Experience!

Posted by Harry Hertz, the Baldrige Cheermudgeon In my last Blogrige post, I promised the next one would relay a recent positive customer experience. As a bonus, I will actually share two. They were each minor, but it is amazing … Continue reading

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The Birth of a Unique Public-Private Partnership

Posted by Dawn Marie Bailey On June 8, 1987, Business Week published a special report on quality: Improving quality requires nothing less than an upheaval in corporate culture. . . . Truly improving quality is a long, hard slog, and … Continue reading

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It’s Our Anniversary! 25 Reasons to Celebrate

Posted by Christine Schaefer Twenty five years ago today—on August 20, 1987—Congress passed Public Law 100-107, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Improvement Act of 1987. This legislation set the foundation for the Baldrige Award and Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. The charge was to identify … Continue reading

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Ready, Get Set, Self-Assess!

Posted by Pamela Wong The title of this blog is rather tongue-in-cheek because implementing the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence is not a race to the finish line. It’s not even really a competition—for organizations compete only with themselves to … Continue reading

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