How has Baldrige helped you build an even better future?

Posted by Dawn Marie Bailey

In the mid-1980s, Secretary of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige, working with President Ronald Reagan, knew that American companies could compete with the newly emerging international market if they began sharing best practices, following management standards, and focusing on product quality.

Twenty-five years later, the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence still stand as a guide for excellence and a competitive advantage across all sectors of the U.S. economy. The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program still helps enable the success of organizations  that are interested in sustainable, performance improvement journeys.

Organizations that have found the Criteria, whether through the national or their Baldrige-based state, local, or sector programs, know the power of the guidelines for improved performance and the power of receiving external guidance by teams of expert examiners. Being named a role model as a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient is simply the icing on a cake already filled with great value!

Here are just some examples of how Baldrige is building an even better future and for whom?

  • Health care organizations are using Baldrige’s Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence to align processes and results to focus on patient care and clinical outcomes. The proof? A Thomson Reuter’s study showed that Baldrige health care organizations outperform their peers, and Becker’s Hospital Review considers winning the Baldrige Award as one criterion to be among the 100 best hospitals in the nation.
  • Manufacturing organizations are using the Criteria to adopt a systems approach to improve productivity and effectiveness, and pursue performance excellence, with an average 48% rise in revenue, annually. One example is MEDRAD.
  • Service organizations are aligning their efforts and therefore increasing profits and stature by using the Criteria as a guide. One example is K&N Management.
  • Education organizations are using the Education Criteria for Performance Excellence to focus on student outcomes by going beyond simply measuring student success to helping students learn. One example is Montgomery County Public Schools.
  • Nonprofit organizations are using the Criteria to keep agile and flexible as their industries shift and maintaining resources becomes critical. One example is Concordia Publishing House.
  • Small businesses are using the Criteria to strengthen customer relationships and ensure better service and value. One example is Freese and Nichols Inc.
  • The Baldrige national staff and staff at partner organizations are using the Criteria to guide their transformation as the Baldrige Enterprise. Staff have used the Criteria to develop strategies, benchmark, explore comparative data, renew voice-of-the-customer strategies, run the business and change the business, and keep the workforce engaged.

Please share your stories of how Baldrige has helped you build an even better future. We will link comments back to our 25th Web page so that we all can share in the learning and improve our organizations. Together, we can also raise awareness of the power of the Criteria.

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