Baldrige and the Entrepreneur – A Love Story

Posted by Bob Fangmeyer

Flying booksRomance isn’t a genre I would normally read, and Inc Magazine isn’t where I would expect to find it, but the February 2012 issue has a love story that I can really get into–wild animals; dangerous adventures; and everyday people who overcome serious obstacles to achieve incredible feats. While the hero in this story is not like Fabio, he is arguably more passionate…not, in this case, for blondes, brunettes, or redheads, but for accuracy, precision, and near-perfection in his hobby and his business.

Editor-at-large, Leigh Buchanan, has really brought to life not only Larry Potterfield, the CEO of MidwayUSA, but the power and potential of the Baldrige criteria. I encourage you to read this story that explains how Larry is leveraging the Baldrige process to make MidwayUSA “the best run business in America.”

Yellow brick road

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