Baldrige Examiner Training Gets High Marks!

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The evaluations are in!  Overall satisfaction with our examiner classroom training in May at the NIST campus garnered the highest scores in the past decade, and maybe of all time!  On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being excellent, the average score for our 2 1/2 day examiner preparation course was 4.9!   Our 1-day new examiner  orientation course scored 4.8, and our senior examiner training course scored 4.7.   These are amazing scores for any training course, and speak to the tremendous efforts and commitment of both Baldrige staff and examiner facilitators!

 The feedback associated with these scores provides some insight on what is driving these numbers. One of the most frequently mentioned positive attributes was the design of the training courses itself.  The cornerstone of the design, using a case study of a fictitious Baldrige award application, continues to be an effective approach for our examiners to learn the Criteria for Performance Excellence and the Baldrige Award application evaluation process.  However, for the past two years the training design has gradually eliminated lecture time in the classroom, moving that material to our online training classes.  This has created the opportunity to provide more skill practice time in the classroom, and significantly increase the time examiners spend learning from each other (an “all teach, all learn” model).  For example, half of the one-day new examiner orientation course is spent with senior level examiners coaching the new examiners as they work their way through the process of evaluating the fictitious award application.  In the two and a half day examiner preparation course, the primary course all examiners attend, examiners at all levels of experience work together in small groups to work through four rounds of applicant evaluations, using the application case study, and are provided feedback on their work by their peers as well as NIST staff facilitators and senior level examiner facilitators.

Thanks to all involved in helping us deliver a successful training.



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3 Responses to Baldrige Examiner Training Gets High Marks!

  1. Congratulations to Baldrige Team!!! Julia Gabaldon

  2. Sheronne ling - Trinidad and Tobago says:

    Congrats to the Baldrige Team! keep up the fantastic work. I do agree with the consensus, there’s much more learning with the interactive sessions. This year’s focus on understanding the Criteria further, was very helpful!
    The exposure to the Baldrige concepts is phenomenal.
    Best regards all.

  3. Kathryn LeRoy says:

    In addition to the benefit to examiners, the Examiner Training offers deeper insight to organizations who are preparing or considering submitting an application for review. The “all teach/all learn” model also sets the stage and foundation for the expectation and importance of working as a team during the evaluation process. Congratulations to the writing team and facilitators for a quality product and consideration of the VOC.

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