It’s Our Birthday!

Posted by Zara Brunner

Blogrige is turning one year old!  To quote the song Uncle John's Band: "where does the time go?"  One year ago today a group of Baldrige staff–and our fearless leaders–ventured into the unknown, took some intelligent risk, and Blogrige was born.  Of course we went through benchmarking exercises and a pilot blog to test our processes first.  Since then, we've learned a lot.  And it wouldn't have been possible without you.  From the beginning, we started this blog with you, our customers and potential customers, in mind.  We take our mission to help improve organizations and the competitiveness of the US seriously.  The blog seemed to be a great educational tool to support that mission and engage the community–and those new to it–in important conversations around continuous improvement and performance excellence. 

What have we learned since then?  Well for starters, the Cheermudgeon is a hit.  People seem to respond well to Harry's stories.  Of course his insights and lessons are also welcome.  But I think it's the entertainment you're after first and foremost.  Harry seems to serve up both.  We've learned that many of you like to read our posts and that's that; you simply don't feel the need to comment.  That's works for us if it works for you. It's all about you and how you want to learn and engage.  On the flip side, we've learned that some of you do want to share your opinions and chime in from time to time.  We appreciate that feedback and the chance to have these online conversations.  We've learned that it takes a commitment of time and resources to keep a blog going strong, that variety of voices and topics seems to work well (for example, Dawn Bailey is a prolific blogger and has given voice to many health care issues, while Jeff Lucas is our education blogging guru), frequency of posts is key (we've averaged around 2-3 posts per week), that many more people read the posts than comment (we average around 3 comments per post compared to thousands of subscribers), and we've learned that this blog has been a great tool to share information and exchange ideas with you.  And it's been a lot of fun along the way too. 

But enough about us.  Again, this blog's for you.  So tell us what you've liked since the "birth" of Blogrige and where you would like to see things go as it grows and matures.  I was listening to something on Monday where the speakers asked "What would Martin do?" in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Then I came across a "what would Walt Disney have blogged?"  Makes me wonder "what would Malcolm  say?"  Think about where we are with quality and organizational improvement in the US compared to 20+ years ago when Malcolm was an advocate.  What types of things would he be pushing for today on this blog and beyond?  While you're thinking of it, feel free to listen to The Beatles Birthday song just to add to the festivities as we celebrate. 



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4 Responses to It’s Our Birthday!

  1. Craig Thompson says:

    Personality. The criteria and process are many things, and are something different to everyone who’s involved with them in any capacity. But I don’t think anyone would label the criteria and process light-hearted, humorous, or full of personality (although I bet Harry could make a case to the contrary). That’s the main reason I like Blogrige… in addition to insight and enthusiasm the writers often inject personality and wit into their posts. That is something that makes being a Baldrige disciple more “fun” for me.

  2. Dick Galant says:

    Happy Birthday! I look forward to your comments they have been enlightening and helpful to me. Dick Galant

  3. Jan Englert says:

    And if one could sing….
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy BIRTHday dear Blogrige……..
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu!
    And many MORE!

  4. Walter Eschmann says:

    Happy Birthday….Keep up the good work. I like to take topics from the blog and propose them to my students to get their opinion. For example, Jeff Lucas’s blog on Taguchi is a hit after I introduce my students to the world of Taguchi. Lucas’s article lends an air of practicality to a theory that seems to many to just be an academic argument!

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