Alliance to Develop Baldrige-Based Assessment for State and Local Programs

Posted by Bob Fangmeyer

We are pleased to announce that the Alliance for Performance Excellence has been awarded a Announcing2contract to develop and implement a Baldrige-based assessment for state and local award programs.

Programs will be invited to participate in the evaluation process, which will allow for four levels of assessment ranging from submitting an Organizational Profile and key results to writing a full 50-page application. Programs that apply will receive a small monetary award as well as additional funds to help address one or more opportunities for improvement identified through the evaluation.

For more information, please contact me at or 301-975-4781.


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2 Responses to Alliance to Develop Baldrige-Based Assessment for State and Local Programs

  1. Bryan Zak says:

    Wonderful, should be a lot to learn from States that have been able to implement and maintain, or in some cases not maintain a Baldrige-based assessment awards programs. Funding for these programs at the Sate level has always been a critical factor to overcome.

  2. It is belatedly obvious to me that I should have included a little more detail in the original post from all of the email’s I have received.
    The purpose behind the contract is to create an assessment process that will be used to evaluate the state/local Baldrige-based award programs themselves. Interested programs will apply at one of 4 levels. Programs that apply will receive a small monetary incentive to participate and will be eligible for additional funds to (help) offset the cost of addressing one or more of the opportunities identified through the assessment process. We believe that helping the state/local programs improve is good for the Baldrige enterprise and the nation.
    Details around the incentive amount, what is included at each level of assessment, and when and where to apply, are still all being developed. More details will be provided once the evaluation process is finalized.
    I hope this helps clarify the contract. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have other questions.

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