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Wouldn’t It Be Nice…if we all designed for excellence

Posted by Jamie Ambrosi For my first blog entry, I thought I’d share with you something that is frequently on my mind…design successes and failures. You may not think about it…but examples of both are all around us. –The sophistication of … Continue reading

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Who Cares about the Customer?

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Coming to a State Near You?

Posted by Jeff Lucas In case you can't wait until mid-April for Quest for Excellence XXII, you have a number of opportunities to attend a Baldrige-based conference coming up in the next couple of months.  These are the state award … Continue reading

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Checklists Even Baldrige Could Love?

Posted by Jeff Lucas  Okay, for my very first blog post I am going to commit Baldrige blasphemy  . . .  As those of you in the Baldrige community know, we never use the word "checklist". So, when I saw … Continue reading

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Baldrige Cheermudgeon…Huh?

Posted by Harry Hertz, The Baldrige Cheermudgeon  Okay, I will admit to being an unabashed cheerleader for the Baldrige Program and the benefits it has to offer the United States. I have also been accused of being an occasional curmudgeon, … Continue reading

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